As an activity for nuclear emergency preparedness, NUSTEC supports emergency activities to be conducted by local governments (Aomori Pref. and Rokkashomura) through Emergency Preparedness Technology Center (EPTC) in Rokkasho-mura, and it also conducts technical surveys in this field.
In addition to uranium enrichment facility, low level radioactive waste burial and high level radioactive waste storage facilities already in operation, a fuel reprocessing facility is now under construction at Rokkasho-mura, Aomori Prefecture.
In order to support emergency preparedness and responses to be conducted by local governments(Aomori Pref. and Rokkashomura), etc. for these facilities, Emergency Preparedness Technology Center(EPTC) was founded as an branch office of NUSTEC in Rokkasho-mura in October 1998. It executes the following activities at the Nuclear Disaster Prevention Research Plaza completed in March 2001 in cooperation with related organizations:
Training of Emergency Transport
  1. to station experts in nuclear emergency preparedness and fuel reprocessing, etc. and support local governments activities during normal situation and at emergencies,
  2. to organize practical training courses periodically for those personnel of fire, police, medical and other local departments who are engaged in emergency activities,

Training of putting on Protective Clothing