NUSTEC serves as the designated agency conducting inspections and other activities for the government as specified by the Radiation Hazards Prevention Law. The inspections are carried out by qualified inspectors authorized by The Ministers of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT).
Pre-service Inspection and Periodical Inspection of Radiation Installations
Radiation-handling establishments whose storage facilities exceed the capacity specified for radioisotopes are required to undergo both pre-service inspections and periodical inspections. Such inspections are also required for establishments that handle radiation-generating equipment such as cyclotrons. Pre-service inspection is carried out before radioactive substances are handled to confirm that

ŁNUSTEC inspectors making pre-service inspection
radiation installations are constructed in accordance with the documentation submitted to and approved by MEXT. Meanwhile, periodical inspection is carried out at specified intervals after radiation handling begins, making sure that radiation installations are maintained in compliance with technical standards.
Confirmation of Structure of Device equipped with Radioisotopes
Such device equipped with radioisotopes specified by law can be given government approval for its structural design. If any such device is found to be made after approved designs attached a label indicating that it has been confirmed, it can be handled under special treatment in safety control.
NUSTEC officers inspect the structure of the device to confirm whether they meet the approved design.

ŁA gas chromatograph with ECD